Due to health issues I missed posting last week, hence week seven instead of week six.


Also spelled – Furtur, Ferthur

A hart is an adult male deer, more specifically a red deer over five years old.

A powerful Great Earl of Hell with twenty-six Legions of Demons under his command, Furfur is one of the Fallen Angels who fell alongside Lucifer from Heaven. Number thirty-four of the seventy-two Spirits of Solomon his appearance is one of a hart with a fiery tail.

Some of the information I uncovered place him as an older brother to Lilith and one of Death’s grandchildren. It also said he can become flustered easily, likes tattoos and piercings, and is a punk with a heart of gold. (How a demon can have a heart of gold is beyond me.)

For summoning he is to be placed in the magician’s triangle. If this is not done than he will not speak the truth. Inside the triangle his appearance changes from the hart with a fiery tail to one of a beautiful angel with a hoarse voice.

The demon Furfur in his demonic form is said to be that of a hart with wings and a fiery tail.

He is associated with the planet Mars and of the four points of a compass his is South.

His gifts are listed as:

  • Generates strong storms which generate heavy lightening and strong winds such as those associated with tempests and tornadoes.
  • Is a gifted liar unless summoned into a magicians triangle. In there he is compelled to tell only the truth.
  • Passionate about war to the point he incites feelings of strife in his followers.
  • Generates feelings of love between a husband and wife inciting marital relations.

Rules over:

  • Inner Self-Examination
  • Attraction
  • Metamorphosis
  • Carnal ego
  • Contentious behavior

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this week’s demon.

Until next week when our Demon post will focus on Galli.

4 thoughts on “Furfur

  1. Hmmm … passionate about war, and yet incites general feelings of love between husband and wife. Seems quite a contradiction for a demon!

  2. My thoughts too. He seems to be here, there, no here, no there…

  3. Maybe he’s the demonic equivalent of a teenager!

  4. 😂😂😂 Good one! In that case I feel for Satan.

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