Cabariel is a demon prince of the 31 spirits of Solomon. He ranks fourth in command under the demon Amendiel – Emperor of the Western region of Hell.

Cabariel prefers isolation causing him to seek out isolated areas. He can not be clearly seen with the naked eye, the best way to see him is through the use of stone crystals or a scrying glass.

Cabariel rules with fifty daytime dukes and fifty night-time dukes in the Northwestern regions of Hell.

  • Daytime dukes are supposed to be good-natured.
  • Nighttime dukes are considered disobedient, deceitful, and evil.

During the day, his most important dukes are:

  • Satifiel
  • Parius
  • Godiel
  • Taros
  • Asoriel
  • Etimiel
  • Clyssan
  • Elitel
  • Aniel
  • Cuphal

The most important dukes from his nighttime ranks are:

  • Mador
  • Peniet
  • Cugiel
  • Thalbus
  • Otim
  • Ladiel
  • Morlas
  • Pandor
  • Cazul
  • Dubiel

According to lore one summons Cabariel to learn of betrayals.

There isn’t a lot of lore about this demon.

 My research included:

  1. The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology by Rosemary Ellen Guiley
  2. Occult World
  3. Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Cultures

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