Also spelled Bael or Baell
Pronounced Bail.

The legend of Baal did not start out with him a demon. In the beginning he was a Canaanite deity over agricultural and fertility. His name meant the lord and as he son of El, the High God of Canaan he would have been lord of life and ruler of death and rebirth.

According to legend, he battled with death. The battle did not end well for Baal who was killed and sent to the underworld. His death caused crops to wither. It was his sister, Anath, maiden goddess of love, who found his body and gave it a proper burial, thus restoring the crops to good health. Canaanites continued to worship Baal, by burning children as sacrifices in their ceremonies.

Baal is believed to be equal in rank to the archangel Raphael. In my research I discovered that Raphael is considered God’s healer and one of his top four angels.

Since Raphael is one of the four angels closest to God, then Baal must be one of the demons closest to Satan. That is if you believe that both are of equal rank.

To further understand the legend more research was needed.

This led me to, according to this website Baal was considered Lord of the Earth. Baal wasn’t discovered by modern day mankind until 1929 when tablets mentioning him were unearthed in Northern Syria. Those tablets were dated back to 2,000 B.C.E. The tablets were a significant find, not because of Baal but because they allowed us a glimpse into the Canaanite religion. For instance, they believed in seven-year fertility cycles.

According to the website Bible Verses About Baal there are 51 verses in the King James Bible about the false god. These verses are most likely what led Christianity to make Baal one of the top demons ruling Hell. Christian demonology gives him 66 legions of demons at his disposal. A demon army if you will.

From here Baal became known as ruler of the Eastern Infernal regions of Hell whose duties include conveying all forbidden knowledge and satisfying diabolical cravings and can give the gift of invisibility.

It is said when summoned he will appear with three heads: the head of a toad, the head of a man, and a head of cat. When he speaks his voice is hoarse.

I chose Baal for a story I wrote, but have not yet published, titled Wanted: Dead or Alive. In it he sets his sight on Elle, the heroine, for she is the only one who can open the gates of Hell. Little does he know that because she can open them she also has the power to close them. I took the description of him and used it to create a character who appears human, loves cats, and speaks with a rough voice.

Elle’s first encounter with him happens in her home.

Here is an excerpt from Wanted: Dead or Alive.

I placed more bacon in the frying pan, then poured batter on the griddle, before a slight tingling enveloped my body. Suddenly Eddie’s low growl turned into a bark as he faced the door.

I turned around.

My bottom jaw dropped as an outline of a man walked through the closed door, his image getting crisper the closer he got. I lost my grip on the wine bottle I’d picked up. Glass shattered on the tile floor while I stayed put letting the cool liquid spread around my feet as fear gripped my soul.

Meanwhile the intruder continued to walk toward us, coming to a stop about a yard away from me. He was of average height and wore a dark blue suit reminiscent of the 1940s gangster style; a Fedora hat was all he lacked. His smile ignited his expression, highlighting high cheekbones and a square chin. His wavy hair looked perfect, not one strand out of place. But what made my heart stop for a moment were his eyes, solid black, like a starless, midnight sky. 

“Wh..who are you?” I asked.

“My dear, let us say I am a client.” The temperature dropped as he spoke until it was hard to tell if my body trembled with fear or from the cold. He bowed at the waist, with a flourish waved one hand out, away from him. Images of Zorro’s flourishing moves from the old black-and-white films flashed across my mind.


“Yes. I believe you received my package?” He placed his hands in front of him, crossing them at his wrists before tilting his head.

“But how did you? What did? I thought I’d locked the door.” The words spewed out before I could think.

He looked back at the door, shrugged, then turned to face me. His soulless eyes once again locked with mine. “I am sure it is fastened, but as you saw, that did not stop me.”

“Yeah. I saw that.”

“Well really Elle, why ask questions you already know the answer to? You are too smart for that. We should not waste time talking about such things when there are matters of more importance to discuss.”

I hope you enjoyed that little excerpt.
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2 thoughts on “Baal

  1. He’s not just three-headed, but three different types of heads. That’s freaky. Good excerpt!

  2. Very true. Can you imagine coming across something like that? Shudder!

    And thank you, I’m glad you liked the excerpt. I really need to revisit this book and get it published.

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