As an author I've learned to study my characters. To discover what their primary wound is. To
learn what caused it.

That wound details why the character behaves the way they do, and the growth they need
to take for the story.

Over the years I've noticed those wounds relate to mental disorders. That made me look
at the supernatural creatures my characters end up battling. Am I subconsciously
using it as a way to show the characters healing? 

As I dig deeper into this I would like to share with you the research on mental disorders as well
as demons. Not because I am a doctor. Not because I am saying I know how to cure
these illnesses. On the contrary. I do it to raise awareness about them, and in
doing so, hope that I can help those who need help find it. 

For the rest of the year I plan on making two posts a week. The first one will focus on
a different mental disorder, with links to organizations that offer help/resources. The
second post will be about different demons I come across in my research for the stories
I write. 

These will begin next week. 

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