A Ghost

I felt like a ghost. Absent from the world, and the part of me I had vowed to never abandon again my inner self. That is what 2019 was like for me, I had become non-existent, dying a little bit each day as I watched everything around me deteriorate. Our family business, our now adult daughter, my husband. It felt like as one fell deeper into a grave so did the others and they were taking me with them.

Only one out of those three that did end up in a figurative grave, the family business. We shut it down in June of 2019 and have taken the steps to rebuild our lives. As we did both my husband and daughter have slowly recovered. My husband’s health no longer deteriorates on a daily basis as he no longer does the physical, demanding work that automotive repair requires. Unfortunately, his back will never recover to the point where he will no longer live in pain, the doctors have verified the damage is too great, but that doesn’t mean he can’t find another purpose in life and he has. He became a house husband. My house husband. And he is a fine one at that. I’m proud of him and want the world to know it.

Our daughter’s health is slowly recovering. She had fallen once again into the grasp of her eating disorder, and after hitting rock bottom I’m happy to say that she is recovering. Eating disorders are an addiction, and like with any addiction recovery is a long hard road that can be full of slips and slides. The important thing with any recovery is that they continue to fight the illness and continue to put one foot in front of the other, especially after they slide. Which she does, one foot in front of the other, every day. She’s another one I’m proud of and look forward to the day when I write the blog stating that she has made a full recovery.

2020 is now upon us and I feel alive once again. No longer a ghost. No longer ignoring the deepest part of me that longs to let the world hear what she hears. That is why I write. She has so many stories to share from the characters that visit her, and she has been nagging me to get back to it. That is what 2020 will be about. Getting those stories out there, one at a time. So be on the lookout for new books and short stories by me, Violet Tempest.


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